Teaching & Learning methods


  • Interactive based learning – Lot of discussions which increases the comfort level of the child making her/im closer to the teacher
  • Creative based learning – Through storytelling, examples, art and via spot writing which gives boost to the children’s imaginative & creative thinking
  • Aids – Audio visual aids, flashcards, educational toys, e-learning, sand pit, vegetable patch, separate toyroom
  • More stress on communication skills and encourage 100% participation
    • Oral, writing & reading skills
    • By conducting ex-tempore
    • Brainstorming session, debates and panel discussion
  • Tackle anger and restlessness in growing children – A very sensitive approach
  • Boost confidence in children by removing negativity and constantly encouraging them in all pursuits.
  • Plan for a systematic and comprehensive way of teaching so the courses are completed thoroughly much ahead of the examination schedule. E.g. 2.5 months before the boards.
  • A sensitive approach is adopted for dealing with children below average abilities – A zero period is introduced to give special attention to these students to ensure that they are at par with their peer group.
  • Making our children ready to excel in the outside world

Promoting individual capabilities & strengths of each child

We believe that each child is uniquely gifted and has strong individual strengths waiting to be to nurtured. Besides academics, some are children are good in sports, others are good in creative skills, some are good in inter-personal skills. Presently only 10% of the brains are utilized. Our target is to enhance their mental skills. It is our job to identify the strengths of each child and provide encouragement and the right environment for them to blossom.

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