Children are similar to seeds and parents and teachers need to play the role of gardeners and not of plotters. Our role is of nurturing the children, rather than moulding them. Competition generates fear and fear stops learning. We try to create an environment, these qualities were co-operation and joy of work are the key motivating factors. The aim behind starting Tulip International School was that quality education should be available at all levels and for all. It is my positive belief that all children have the qualities to be successful in this quality.

Some of possessed by children are truthfulness , living in the present ,love for all, not giving up in life, forgiveness, curiosity …our duty is only to make sure that these qualities are not suppressed in the name of development , either at home or at school. Through my years of experience, I have come to believe ,that school play an important role in the academic development of the student .However , the parents play a major role , in nurturing them to be emotionally balanced personalities .So, I was and am of the firm option that today we need more schools for healthy parenting and teaching. Let us join hands together and create a better future for our children.

– Mr.B.Anbu Chairman, Tulip International School

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